1200 Calories a Day is not Enough – Nutrition expert on “Punch”

1200 Calories a Day is not Enough – Nutrition expert on “Punch”

Ex-boxer Michael Olajide made Adriana Lima fit for the Victoria’s Secret Show in just four weeks. In his fitness book “Punch” the personal trainer advises on the right diet. But how healthy and balanced is the whole? We talked to Kirsten BrĂ¼ning. The nutritionist specializes in sports nutrition and has taken a closer look at Michael Olajide’s tips.

1200 calories a day are recommended for women – how do you rate the amount for such an intense exercise program?

Kirsten BrĂ¼ning: I can not say a flat rate, for a woman 1200 and for a man 1500 calories. If the author assumes that you complete one hour of training in the mornings and afternoons, you can easily assume that you are using between 300 and 500 kilocalories of extra energy – perhaps more, depending on your intensity. So that’s far too little and I also see the likelihood of such a tight program very high, that you then put in the yo-yo effect. This means that you simply take too little energy for the program.

Olajide advises sticking to the fitness program to a balanced mixed diet. What do you make of it?

The recommendations for the food selection, I think now not so bad, which he indicates: mostly full grain products, more potatoes, vegetables, rather vegetable protein suppliers and low-quality fats in the form of nuts. The blanket recommendations, I think good, only the specific recommendations in terms of energy, ie the serving sizes do not fit, that is much too little.

Ex-boxer Michael Olajide wants to help everyone to the dream body. Is that so easy?

In the workout, it is planned to train for six days and to take a break on the seventh day.
I’m fine with the idea. For someone who is completely untrained, I would rather not recommend it and adjust the training level individually. Since I would recommend a regeneration day about every three days, so two days of training and a day of regeneration.

What really makes me smile is his statement, just to drink a liter of water. What do you say from a nutritional perspective?

It hooks on this whole program. He was very attuned to the whole thing and what worked for him. If you try to stick to this one liter, you tend to get injured while exercising – because you just do not have enough fluid in the body to keep your muscles supple. Especially if you want to lose weight, you need more fluid in the body to be able to move easily. I am more than 14 years in the field of nutritional counseling, mainly of competitive athletes, active and has to find again and again: If too little is drunk, too little happens! That means I need water as a medium to mobilize fat reserves at all.

As for the dishes proposed by Olajide, I’m interested in being a vegetarian: Can I even implement it without a flaw? What’s up for vegans?

The whole program is really created only for a short time. Something like the omelet made of pure egg white is absolutely exaggerated. On the question of whether the vegetarian or vegans can compensate with appropriate foods: I would imagine that this works. For example, I can take soy yogurt instead of Greek yogurt. For example, instead of the omelet, a vegan could eat chickpea hummus with spinach and tomatoes. Or you could eat spiced tofu with lettuce or add cooked lentils or kidney beans.

So how do you rate weight loss with Punch?

Michael Olajide always sees this as a short-term program to gain some muscles. So that’s really what a boxer thinks, or even a bodybuilder or model: I need to be fit to the point in just five or six weeks for the catwalk or ring or my presentation as a bodybuilder. For a visually defined muscle mass, the fluid intake is then also reduced to a minimum. But it is not a long-term program.

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