9 Benefits of walking 30 minutes a day: the easiest way to get fit

9 Benefits of walking 30 minutes a day: the easiest way to get fit

With the arrival of spring, all are rushing to get a beach body test. However, it is often easier than it seems. To maintain a healthy inside and out, it is important to establish healthy habits throughout the year, working a little every day. A routine for everyone? Walking 30 minutes a day!

Not having time to go to the gym or to workout at home should not be an excuse for not doing exercise every day. It has been shown that walking half an hour daily contributes positively to improve our health. Physical inactivity is a risk factor that influences the onset or aggravation of diseases such as obesity, diabetes or depression. That is why walking thirty minutes daily is beneficial in preventing these disorders.

The benefits of walking 30 minutes a day

1. For your heart

Walking a little every day at a moderate pace has a positive effect on the cardiovascular system because it acts on heart muscle by increasing the ability to pump blood.

2. For beginners

Walking is a low-intensity exercise and easily adaptable to any fitness. In addition, it is a good activity for patients who have suffered illness and are in a process of rehabilitation, such as for those who have suffered a myocardial infarction.

3. For blood pressure and cholesterol

It has been shown that walking 30 minutes a day also helps to lower blood pressure and for improving “good” cholesterol levels.

4. For diabetics

Walking is also beneficial for treating type 2 diabetes because it causes the muscle to capture more glucose, reducing blood levels of it.

5. For overweight people

Walking lightly, like any other cardiovascular exercise, helps fight obesity grade 1 or 2 [more info]. In more severe cases of obesity, a specialist should be consulted for the best treatment.

6. For your muscles

Another advantage of walking is the influence it has on our muscles and bones because it increases bone density very important to combat osteoporosis. If you want to tone your body a little more, here are a few exercises that will help.

7. To increase levels of vitamin D

If we make outdoor activity, we can increase levels of vitamin D from sunlight. In addition, contact with nature is beneficial for our body.

8. For your social life

Walking with more people can enhance socialization, as it can become a shared activity with friends or family. In addition, with the secretion of endorphin (happiness hormone), we will feel better emotionally.

9. Accessible to all

Walking 30 minutes every day at a brisk pace is accessible to all, either when you go to work, when you went out to walk the dog, grocery shopping or just taking a walk.

After knowing all this, you have no excuse! It ‘s easy to take half an hour to devote ourselves, and what better way than walking to get fit. What are you waiting for?Put on your sneakers and walk!

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